The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich

Norwich - City of Ale

Norwich City of Ale Limited is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to promote Norwich, nationally and internationally, as the UK City of Ale.

Showcasing the very best of Norfolk brewing, and brewing heritage, as well as celebrating Norwich's diverse, beautiful and historic pubs.

City of Ale 2011

City of Ale 2012

City of Ale 2013

City of Ale 2014 - Murderers Ecclectic & Rare LocALES 2014

City of Ale 2015 - Murderers Ecclectic & Rare LocALES 2015

City of Ale 2016 - Murderers Ecclectic & Rare Locales 2016

City of Ale 2017 - Best of LocALES 2017