The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich

Landlord History Philip Cutter

2003 - Present

Born in Ipswich in June 1971, Philip, moved to Norwich in July 1981.

At the age of 15, in May 1987, along with his twin brother, they began working week-ends at The Murderers, on TimberHill, initially as glass-collectors, (pot-boys), alternating between clearing tables/cleaning ashtrays, and washing glasses behind the bar. Then  moving onto serving drinks on the day of their 18th Birthdays. The Cutter Twins, were so identical, that it was only when they were both behind the bar serving, that one regular customer exclaimed.....'F@ck me....there's two of them! I thought one was working REALLY hard!'

Moving up the managerial ladder, under the tutorship of Ivan Brown, Philip soon became the assistant mananger, manager and eventually, General Manager.

Married in May 1997, on the 10th anniversary of his first shift at the pub, at St. Johns TimberHill, Philip's wife followed the tradition of children being born inside the living quarters of The Gardeners Arms, when their daughter Molly, was born in March 1998, following a 45 minute labour!

Living above the pub for so long, Philip has extensively researched the history of not only many of the pubs previous incumbants, but also of the street on which the pub stands. 'I have always had an interest in history, and historical research,' he said, 'Living above such a fascinating, beautiful and historical building, on one of Norwich's oldest recorded streets, in the shadow of Norwich castle, has led to me, to want to discover more about the people who have preceeded me. Pubs are essentially not about beer, but about people. It is the people in pubs that make them what they are. I don't want previous landlords, and landladies, just to be names on a blank peice of paper. They are all real, with real feelings, and stories to tell and share'

As a small independantly owned business, Philip and Ivan continue the tradition, and ethos of it being run as a family business. Philip says, 'Over my 25  years here, my brothers, neices and nephews, as well as, (more recently), my own children have worked in the pub with me. It's a good education for them. Many of the customers have seen my own children grow up, and it is gratifying to see customers use the pub, as they have to consistency of knowing that they will always see a friendly face they know behind the bar. Even some of the part-time staff have worked here over 10 has always been like an extended family'


Philip beame a partner in the business in 2005, and in 2012 celebrated 25 years working at The Gardeners Arms, with a commemorative ale being brewed by Norfolk based brewer Woodfordes.

In February 2016, after 29 years of service, Philip served his 1,000,000th Pint of beer, at the same pub, with another celebratory ale, brewed by Woodfordes.

In 2019, Philip's wife Sherie became a partner in the business. From a pub owning family, with her Grand-Mother, Hilda Parkes, having run the Lame Dog & Cricketers Rest, in Norwich, and her Great-Uncle Horace Seaman, who had run The Vine and The Buff Coat, also in Norwich.