The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich

 Landlord History- James Howes 1926-1927

James Howes, took on the licence of the Gardeners Arms, TimberHill, following Sarah and Ernest Crisp on 9th February 1927.

Sarah and Ernest Crisp, were liked, and respected, (indeed, Ernest was seen as some-what of a war hero)  long standing licensee's. With a large family, and Ernest in poor health following his endeavours throughout WW1, it was too much for the couple to continue running the pub, as well as the boarding house attached. It was in these circumstances, that James and Elizabeth took on the the business.

James was married to Elizabeth, (nee Green) on November 27th 1899, at Christ Church, New Catton.

At the age of 27, James is registered on his marraige certificate as a 'widower', and his occupation at that time was a 'Shoemaker', by the time he ran the pub in 1927, he was 53.

His tenure was a relatively short one, remaining in post for just over a year.

It appears, from family stories, that James enjoyed the 'social' aspects of being a publican, which seems to have led to many a late night 'lock in' - Flexible trading hours were very much frowned upon, following the First World War, when Licensing hours were restricted, (remaining so until the late 1980's) to 12.00 - 2.30 and 5.00 -11.00. (7.00-10.30 Sunday's)

Allowing 'drunkeness' remains an 'occupational hazard' when dealing with alcohol, and remains a criminal offence, however,Magistrates Court records show that James Howes was convicted, and fined, the princely sum of £1.00 on 2nd March 1927, for allowing this on the premises.

James was replaced as landlord on 10th May 1927, by Edwin Thomas Elliott.

James & Elizabeth Howes (pictured below)