The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich
Landlord History - George Shemming
George Shemming, was born in in Woodbridge Suffolk, in 1853, and married to Eliza, (b1855), when he replaced Charles Sands as Licencee, of the Gardeners Arms, on 26th  November 1889.
In the 1891 Census, George is described as both a 'Fur Cutter' and 'licenced Victular', and is living at 4, TimberHill with his daughter Eliza, (b 1871) and her husband, (married 1890) Walter Haries.
The cloth trade was a major industry in Norwich throughout the 19th century, with many licencee's at the time working 'second jobs' within textiles.
Eliza is listed in the 1891 census as a 'fur cutter', whilst her husband Walter is listed as a  'Millers journeyman'
George Shemming was replaced by Henry Wilby on 29th March 1892