The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich
Landlord History - Frederick Feild
Born In Great Yarmouth, Frederick Field (b 1827?) took on the licence at 4, TimberHill, The Gardeners Arms, on 8th September 1884. Fred was married to Agnes (b 1844), and was replaced by John Ellis on 28th February 1887.
However, Fred and Agnes, didn't move too far.....In fact they moved just next door to 2, TimberHill, where he worked as a wood carver, from 1887, and is still registered in the 1901 census as living and working at the age of 72.
Numbers 2 & 4, TimberHill, were seperate premises, divided by a central alleyway, which led to a courtyard which now houses the 'back bar', and was used as a coach stop to allow passengers on carraiges to alight and disperse to surrounding hostilries.
This alley way was lost in the mid 1970's, when the properties of 2 & 4, TimberHill were joined to form the pub as we know it today.