The Murderers Pub, Sports Bar in Norwich

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Frank Miles

Born 1867 - Census Record of Frank Miles 1871

Mother Harriet & Father James Miles.

Lived at 13, Spar Road, Southampton, Hampshire.

Frank Miles Army Service Record

Joined 8th Hussars, in Canterbury on 2nd January 1886, aged 19 years & 1 month.

Regimental number - 2890

Height 5 feet 6 3/4", with a scar on his lip, and a tattoo of an anchor on his left forearm.

Dark complexion, hazel eyes and black hair.

Served in India, between 8th December 1886, (leaving on HMS Crocodile), and 19th November 1889 - (2 years 347 days)

By July 1890 Frank Miles was based at the Britannia Barracks, in Norwich. The 8th Hussars proved to be 'popular' with the locals, and by 1893, Frank and Millie were married, with Frank working for local brewer, Morgans & Sons. In June 1895, Frank and Millie were seperated, with the trial notes stating he was living above the pub of The Crown & Anchor, 94/100 Calvert Street, when events took a macarbre twist. It appears that the respect that Miles had, for his time in the Cavalry, coupled with the recent, high profile murders of Jack the Ripper, in London, went some way to re-inforce that Millie was working as a 'prostitute'. At his trial, Miles' defence was one of 'extreme provocation'.

Discharged from Army after 9 years 201 days on 19th July 1895, (after his imprisonment)

Committed Murder in June 1895, giving the Gardeners Arms, The gruesome name of The Murderers

Letter written to his mother whilst in prison at Norwich Gaol 

Newspaper article of June 1895 

Trial Witness statements - Regina v Miles

Frank Miles Execution date set

Bung Picker - The Murder Weapon

6th June 1892 - Marraige Certificate - Mille Wilby & Frank Miles 

4th June 1895 - Death Certificate Millie Miles

Frank Miles 'Convict' - Census Entry from 1901 - Parkhurst Prison 

31st July 1905 - Death Certificate Frank Miles